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This shot is very similar to my self portrait from last week, though the light has been adapted to suit the different subject. I used two LP160 in an octabox in front and above the subject and a gold reflector just out of frame below. In other words, classic beauty light. The reason for the gold reflector was that I was planning to do this shot in colour and I wanted a warmer glow to it. However, I ended up liking the black and white version better.


What do you think, which version is better?

I do like the colour version quite a bit as well but after playing around with black and white it seemed to fit even better. The black and white was faster to edit as well, since I often have trouble with my wife’s skin tones and have to fiddle around a lot before it looks good.

I don’t really have anything else to say about this one, so it seems like it will be a very short post. I guess the technical aspects can be covered rather quickly when there’s no interesting story behind the shot. Just goes to show how little the technical actually matters…this is me trying to be deep in order to drag out the post a bit, I’ll stop that now.


10 Responses to “Similar but different”

  1. Mike Powell

    I like the first one a little bit more. It seems like there is still a hint of color in it, but that may be my imagination. Both shots are beautiful, but I think it’s helpful when the eyes are not drawn to the blue of the earring.

    • Rifqi

      I think the colour you’re seeing is just the colour tint in the conversion. I often like to add a subtle tint and not go for pure black and white. Glad you liked it.

  2. Carissa

    I have to say, the first one as well. The color one is nice, but – and this may sound odd – I find my eye drawn to and distracted by her blue earring. In the black and white, that’s not an issue and all I see is her beautiful face.

  3. Rob

    I actually prefer the colour image. It feels like bit of depth has been lost in the monochrome version, it seems flatter and less detailed.

    I didn’t actually notice the blue earring until Mike pointed it out…

      • Rob

        No shattering of world peace – I understand why people like the black and white version so I’m not going to get all uppity about it. Differing opinions is perfectly fine, it’s how we go about dealing with those differences that ruins the peace.

        That comment was slightly deeper and more meaningful than I originally intended.

      • Rifqi

        No worries, different opinions is all good, just remember that I’m always right :p

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