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Let’s do a quickie today, just to show you another shot I did when my dad and his wife were here for a visit. Sonja, that would be the lady above, is currently between jobs and wanted a portrait for her CV. I didn’t think the shot from the previous post fit very well on a CV so, once done with that, I threw up a another setup for a different look.

It’s a clean shot that was fairly quick and easy to do. Three lights; key light is a LP160 in umbrella from camera left, rim light is another LP160 with a small softbox and background is a YN560 on white bed sheet. The reason for using an umbrella instead of my Lastolite Ezybox for key was that an umbrella wraps around the subject a bit more and also throws light all over the place, which helps to fill in the shadows a bit. For this shot I simply didn’t want the extra punch that the more controlled softbox would have given me.

I would have liked the rim light to look a bit better, which could be accomplished with a bigger light source. If I hadn’t been using my reflector to provide fill light from the lower right corner of the frame, I would have used it to get a smoother rim light instead. It might be interesting to compare this shot with my own profile picture. For that one I did use the reflector as rim and you can also see the difference in the transition to the shadows from the softbox, especially since there’s no extra fill in that one.

Clean the whole thing up a bit in post and we’re done.


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