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I’ve had the idea for this shot rattling around in my head for a while now, so it was about time I did something about it. Our muppet loves taking baths, as long as you don’t put shampoo in her hair, so I had to stop her from trying to take her clothes off when I started filling up the tub. At that point I had already set up and tested my lights so the bathroom was also rather crowded. Key light was a LP160 in a gridded softbox that was boomed above the bathtub. The actual stand was outside the room. I used a grid on the softbox to get as much control over the light as possible, in order to highlight my subject while bringing up the rest of the scene with a fill light – that way I assured that the overall light in the scene was slightly below the key light. The fill light was another LP160 which I simply bounced on the wall behind me.

I should have taken a setup shot but…err…the space monkeys distracted me…still, should be easy enough to visualize. It can be noted that the key light was pointing more or less straight down from its position above the subject. I would say that that decision was made mostly based on wanting more control over the light – a more angled light would have splashed all over the walls, which I wanted to avoid.

I’m pretty happy with the results, even though, as usual, I didn’t get all that many shots from my little model. She kind of looked at me with quizzical eyes that seemed to say ‘Are you sure about this, pappa?’. She took it in stride though and had some fun along the way. In the end she got a proper bath as well.

I edited these shots in a different way than my usual, more natural look. The starting point for this edit was taken from this shot but was made a bit more subtle this time around. I think I like the style for this type of shot and I’ll probably use it again if I can come up with more ideas on the same theme.

Time to go, stay dry.


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