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Oh hi, I’m a muppet.

What do you do when you’re home alone with a two year old girl and an itch to shoot something? You take some cute portraits of the little muppet, that’s what. I wanted to continue in the spirit of last week’s photos; bright, clean and simple. Considering the subject, however, I wasn’t about to use the same compact setup – this girl needs some space to move. So the background had to be a white bed sheet instead of the trigrip. That way I would be able to move around a bit and change angles without running out of background. A LP160 was used to blow the background out.

Am I the cutest?

Key light was a YN560 in softbox; above, in front and a bit to camera right. I chose to place it slightly to the right so I would get an asymmetrical light but having it right bang in the center would of course have worked equally well. The reason I wanted to avoid the symmetry of having the key light in the center was that I intended to balance it with a rim light from the other side. That light was a LP160 in a small softbox, located behind the subject and to camera left.

White on white, something I like.

That’s it really, a simple but effective setup. I also used the previously discovered trick (patent pending) of putting our bathroom scale where I wanted my model to stand, it works surprisingly well. The choice of her wardrobe was also deliberate, I have a thing for white on white, it just makes everything look clean and bright while also avoiding distracting colours.

Missed focus on this one but the expression makes up for it.

The only difficult thing with this photo shoot was that there were some distracting toys on the floor, which often tempted my model to wander off or sit down. I also had to come out from behind the camera in my attempts to provoke some interesting expressions from my subject, after which I had to dive back to the viewfinder and shoot before the moment was gone. This practice resulted in a decent amount of blurry shots, due to the auto focus not being able to keep up with the energy level of a two year old – then again, who can?

Sleeping Buddha.

Quite a bit of photos in today’s post but this time it was difficult to pick out favourites, I have a whole bunch more on my flickr for those interested. The long time readers might also notice that something is a bit different about the shots today, the dramatic reveal will come later this week (I reserve the right to revoke this statement depending on level of laziness).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little girl to annoy with hugs and cheek pinching.


16 Responses to “Bright shots of a bright face”

  1. disperser

    Very nice. A few of the people I follow also do portraits . . . whenever I see the photos I think I should get into it. Maybe when I’m 80 . . . although by then I’ll likely be even less inclined to associate with people.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks. How about shooting pets instead? Then you don’t have to deal with people…well, I guess that said pets might have owners you have to deal with. The only logical option is to become a crazed hermit living in a cave with an assortment of exotic animals as companions :p


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