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Today’s photos were a bit of an experiment to see what I could get away with in terms of effective use of gear and space. One of the reasons was that, a while back, one of my YN560 flashes decided to stop working. It’s not a huge deal since they’re rather cheap but it still meant that I’m now reduced to three flashes instead of four. I’ll eventually order a couple more flashes but for now I’ll have to make due with what I’ve got. This is relevant because the setup I had in mind for this shoot would normally have been done with four flashes.

I was going to take a setup shot this time…but I didn’t. To somewhat make up for it, or possibly discourage you from ever coming back here, I drew you the lovely diagram below.

Behold my artistic talent

Perhaps this isn’t quite sufficient explanation, so I’ll walk you through it. The key light is a YN560 in softbox, boomed above and in front of the subject, pretty standard. The tricky part was to blow out the background without actually having a light directly at it. My approach to that was to make my rim lights work double duty. As you can see (eeh…maybe not), the rim lights are a pair of LP160s in umbrellas to each side of the subject and they’re pointing slightly towards the background. This wasn’t the ideal position for the rim lights but it was the only way I could get enough light on the background.

Normally I would have used a white bed sheet as the background but this time I felt that I needed something that would blow out easier; so I used my trigrip with a white cover, which is more reflective than a bed sheet. Another reason for using the trigrip was that I wanted to see how it would perform as a background if I ever happen to need one where there are no suitable walls or anything else available. It was a bit tight but with some careful framing the background did cover everything.

Seeing how these shots were done with a setup that didn’t take up much more than a few square meters, I would say the results are decent. I also handled the editing a bit different than usual, going for more of a fashion look to flatter the subject. It’s not the highly retouched stuff you’ll see in fashion magazines but it’s enough to give the shots a slightly cleaner look while not abandoning the naturalistic ascetics I tend to stick to. I think it works well with the bright look.

I think that’s all for today, it’s time to go and exercise my artistic brilliance some more in mspaint.



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