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My sister hates having her picture taken, she acts as though it’s an attempt on her life every time someones raises a camera and points it in her general direction. The weird thing about this is that she has actually worked a bit as a model for art classes; one would think that something like that would be a lot more intimidating to do. So, as expected, she had a rather adverse attitude towards being shot when I informed her upon her arrival that it was going to happen or I would have to throw her out. However, once I explained that her face wouldn’t show she was on board and became considerably more willing to work with me. I guess I got all the good looks (brains too, actually), so it’s understandable. The fact that I also asked her to take her clothes off didn’t bother her nearly as much (or at all) as a request for a headshot would have done.

The light is fairly simple; one LP160 in softbox above and in front of the subject and a second one, bare, behind and to camera left. The far edge of the softbox above is aligned to the side of the subject closest to the camera. It’s also pointing slightly towards the camera – what’s that? A setup shot? Eeh…maybe next time. What this means is that we’re working with the very edge of the light and there are two reasons for that: softer quality of light and more dramatic falloff. I want the subject to gradually emerge from the darkness so I can’t have her standing in the middle of the light. In hindsight I could have used the grid I have for the softbox for even more control, might have made my life a bit easier.

The key light could probably have produced an acceptable result on its own but I wanted that extra bit of separation and profile that the rim light gives us. I think it adds to the shots without becoming a distraction. The decision to go with black and white was one that I made even before I started shooting but I did a desaturated edit that also looked rather good. I really hate when I have several good options to choose from, that’s when my indecisiveness kicks in.

I’m happy with the results but, as evident by the above shot, I could have been more mindful of the composition and subject’s attire. Her lower region looks a bit cut off here and that’s because she’s wearing pants. Some people might not notice but, when you do, it becomes distracting.

A bit different than my usual fare but I think it works. Let me know what you think when you’re done ogling my sister.


6 Responses to “Evening shooting of sister”

  1. Carissa

    Very nice. These shots remind me of the final project one of my classmates did in our lighting class. I like the second one the best because the rim light is more distinct and I like that I can see more of her tattoo.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks, glad you like them. I always find it difficult to pick a favourite when all the shots have different things going for them.

  2. Lucianus Mauricius

    Very sensual, dark and almost lonely poses, but at the same time they offer a sense of awe because of her features almost androgynous. Great work indeed, Luc.


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