Another short post today since I pretty much just wanted to share this portrait of my wife. This was a quick shoot to test something a bit different. For key light I used a YN560 with a small softbox (Lumiquest softbox III). The reason for the small softbox was that I wanted a bit more bite and drama to the light – smaller source equals harder shadows. It’s above and in front of the subject, which should be obvious if you look at the shadows. Behind and on either side of the subject we have two snooted LP160s for rim light. Those lights actually had some CTO gel on them because I wanted to experiment a bit with colour. However, it didn’t work the way I wanted it, everything just looked orange, so I scrapped that and went B&W in post.

Not all that much more to be said about this shot. I could have been more mindful of how the rim light interacted with her clothes to avoid that highlight on her right (camera left) cheek. That shouldn’t be too hard to fix in post but I’m bad at that stuff. Other than that I have to say that the B&W conversion worked quite well and took it from a ‘meh’ to a ‘rather good’. I shot it with a square crop in mind (another experiment) and that also worked to its advantage.

I didn’t get the shot I set out to get but in the end I still got something worth keeping – photography in a nutshell.