Backpack ready for the morning hike.

The bug season may be more or less over here now. These shots could be the last ones but I’ll make another attempt sometime this weekend or the weekend after before I say my farewells to the little critters. It’s getting really difficult to find anything to shoot when I go out on my hunts, though one reason for that is that I’m rather picky about what to shoot as well.

Before I found the snail below I had probably spent around an hour looking for a decent subject. Actually the snail was mostly an act of desperation. We’ve had an abundance of snails and slugs this year because of the weather and I’m usually not very interested in shooting them. This time I really needed to shoot something though so I found the smallest snail available (the shot should be around 12mm on the long end) and placed it in on a piece of fern that I held in my hand.

I shall name you Speedy, the snail lightning.

I’ll let you in on  a secret: snails are pretty fast when you point a camera at them. Seriously, this little guy was all over the place, making it rather tricky to get a good composition. This kind of pose, with him looking over the edge, was what I had in mind when I set the whole thing up but I had a lot more failed shots than keepers. The main reason for that is the eyes and the way they’re floating by themselves at the end of a stick; it just makes if very difficult to focus on, especially since there isn’t much detail in the eyes that helps you focus either, it’s just kind of a blob with a black dot in it.

After finally getting a shot worth keeping I got up and was just about to start home when I spotted the guy at the top. That was more like it, something that was actually sitting still and even doing so on some decent looking grass. The backpack of water was extra icing on the cake. For some reason I still had a lot of trouble focusing properly on this critter though. I think it was a combination of the rather poor light where I was sitting and the features of the bug – those black eyes looked the same no matter if they were in focus or not so I had to try to get focus on them by looking at the surrounding details. As a result I had to shoot a lot and it was starting to get frustrating before I finally felt I had something worth taking home.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I come back empty handed next time I go out but you never know, sometimes the best shots come when you least expect it.