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Most of the time I tend to prefer a natural style for my photos. I don’t have a particular look, unlike many other photographers. Perhaps I’m not creative enough or perhaps I’m just too poor at post processing to produce a look that doesn’t look like crap. Either way I tend to prefer that natural feeling – maybe that’s my look. However, there are times when I do change reality a bit (or a lot). Often I think it’s fairly subtle and difficult to spot, even if the change is relatively big and very obvious if you compare it to the original. Such was the case with the shot at the top of this post. You can see the original, straight from camera version below.

Unedited original

Those who’ve been following my bug shots this year should have noticed that I’ve been experimenting more with colourful and artificial backgrounds. In this instance the orange didn’t quite do it for me so I played around with it a bit in post and ended up with a yellow version (top) that I quite liked. There was no need for any Photoshop expertise since I was dealing with a solid colour that wasn’t anywhere else in the frame. All I had to do was push around the orange sliders for hue, saturation and luminance a bit until it looked good. No other parts of the image was affected since no other parts contained orange.

Yellow on yellow on yellow

This next bug was yellow to begin with and sitting on a yellow flower. I used some yellow paper as the background so, predictably, the outcome was fairly yellow. I got lucky with this one. The hover flies were very interested in the flowers but they didn’t like to sit still for very long. This particular flower was close to the ground so I simply lay down and got a good position with good support (the ground tends to be stable) for my arms to keep the camera steady. All I had to do after that was to endure some strange looks from people and dogs passing by and wait for the flies to settle a couple of seconds so I could shoot them.

I actually tried to shoot the flies in mid-flight as well but they proved too fast and elusive. Maybe if I backed off a bit and shot things on a larger scale it would be possible, as long as I can predict fairly well where they’ll be. At any rate I ended the day with a couple of successful shots, after some small alterations to reality.


4 Responses to “Taking creative liberties”

  1. Cindy Kilpatrick

    Your alteration improved the image very much in my opinion. The orange is so strong and solid, it almost overpowers the insect. The pale yellow is light and ephemeral and fades back as it should, allowing the lace wing to get all the attention. Both final shots are very lovely.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks. I think the orange background needs a bug with more oomph to make it work. I’ll keep looking until I find something that matches.


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