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Sometimes you can take advantage of a messy flat.

I’ve been posting a bunch of fairly dark and low key portraits lately so I thought I should do something a bit brighter for a change. Another reason for these portraits was that I wanted to try more uses for my recently purchased Lastolite triflip. Actually there isn’t all that much to say about these photos since they were all shot in the same way. The first shot (above) was just something fun to take advantage of the perpetual state of chaos our flat is usually in.

I’m using a LP160 in softbox, boomed above and in front of the subject, for the key light. Fill light is provided from the triflip, equipped with silver cover, just out of frame below the subject. This gives us a classic clam shell light, typically used for beauty shots. You can of course do this with two lights as well, a softbox both above and below, but as I mentioned I wanted to see what could be done with the triflip. I’m actually holding the reflector myself, which was fairly easy since I was standing close to the subject, thanks to the wide angle lens.

The new trend in glasses.

Next I shot some quick portraits against a wall with the same setup, I even managed to get the little muppet to pose for me a bit better than usual – I think she was entertained by the reflector poking her in the stomach. She also wanted to see the pictures every time I checked the back of the camera, I guess girls always have to make sure they look good in the pictures.

Future model material.

The little muppet in a playful mood.

In order to get a more fill I might try to angle the key light a bit more down so the reflector can catch more of the light. The reason being that I had to lift the shadows a bit in post so I feel that a bit more light would have been in order. Other than that it was a quick and easy shoot and my girls seemed to have fun in front of the camera, which is always a plus.



9 Responses to “The beauty style”

  1. I’m happy with the result, but hyper realism is still far away! | marysculptor

    […] Here’s the result of 17-18 hours of sacrificed sleep! Another portrait drawing using my old mechanical pencil. Credits of the beautiful photo I used as model for this drawing go to: Rifqi Dahlgren (click to visit his blog). He kindly let me use his work as model for my noncommercial drawing. There are great portrait photos on his blog, you can find the one I chose for this drawing here: https://rifqisphoto.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/the-beauty-style/ […]

    • Rifqi

      Very nice, impressive detail as always. You’re right that there’s something just a tiny bit off about her features but it’s difficult to put your finger on what it is. I’m sure the little muppet will recognize herself when I show it to her though 🙂

      • Mary Dreamsculptor

        Thank you so much! Well, her eyes are bigger and more beautiful than the drawing, and I think her nose is tinier. I have drawn a wider face (making bigger cheeks) involuntarily, that’s something that happens often, and unfortunately I always notice it when the drawing is finished.

      • Rifqi

        Well, practice makes perfect, as they say. With your skill I’m sure you’ll become even better. I hope the same applies for me as well :p

      • Mary Dreamsculptor

        Thank you! As for your work I would have said you’re a professional photographer, if you haven’t mentioned otherwise on your blog! Well, being professional or expert doesn’t necessarily need many years of studies and experience, I think when you are able to take amazing shots, you are a professional photographer.
        I agree, study and practice are the keys to improvement, and one can always get better. There exists no point at which one knows everything, there’s always something new to learn, in every field. 🙂

  2. Rifqi

    Thanks, though I’m not sure I would consider myself that good :p

    It’s a good thing that there’s always something new to learn or ways to improve your work, otherwise it would be a dull life indeed.


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