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I know, polls are annoying, but I would like to get a quick feel if this is something worth spending a bit of time on. I’m thinking of doing a series of basic flash tutorials, starting from the very beginning with what flash to buy, how to get it off camera and from there moving on to different modifiers etc. This would be in addition to my normal posts and would require a bit of work, so that’s why I want to make sure that at least someone would be interested in it. Eventually this could branch out and get more advanced as well and become a a library (possible more of a small shelf) of lighting techniques.



6 Responses to “Another poll”

    • Rifqi

      No indecisiveness allowed :p That could possibly qualify under ‘any interest’ though, so when in doubt, vote yes.

      • disperser

        I’m more and more cautious as I get older . . . if I have doubts, the tendency is usually “no”. Sometimes “hell no!”.

        In this case I don’t want to give the impression I am interested, have you spend precious hours of your life putting it together, and then I end up glancing at it, and filing it away for future (maybe-never-if-I-die-early) perusal.

      • Rifqi

        Well, if there doesn’t seem to be any interest I might still put something together but with a different approach. I’ll leave the poll up for a while and then decide what to do.

      • disperser

        The thing is that sometimes people don’t even know they are interested until they start reading. Other times you asking might have them expecting much more than you envision.

        I’ve had posts that I spent lots of time on, and no-one hardly looked at them, and others that were throw-away, casually-put-something-there entries that get a crap-load of traffic.

        My suggestion is do it one way . . . the way that interests you. For one thing, just going through the process will help you out as well because you will actively think of stuff and options that may otherwise be “automatic”.

        I find when I document something I often find out more about process or task than I did when I started just from my desire to be thorough and not make mistakes.

        Just a suggestion.

      • Rifqi

        That happens to me as well; posts or photos that I think are great get little to no attention and then something that I consider so-so generates a ton of interest. People are weird.

        I agree with what you’re saying, I should be doing it mostly for my own sake and that’s how I usually go about things as well. When I’ve taught beginners in other areas I’ve also noticed that you really have to think about things that you usually consider obvious and try to explain to someone else why it’s obvious to you. You need a deeper level of understanding before you can teach others.

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