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The family was on the way home (probably from shopping, can’t remember) when I spotted an interesting looking bug on a flower. I didn’t want to lose the opportunity so I picked the flower and put it in a bag to take it home.

Once home I got the camera ready, set things up on the balcony and got the bug out from the bag. I got a grand total of three shots off before the critter flew away, one of which was in decent focus but with so-so composition. A bit of a let down, especially considering this was a type of beetle I had never seen before, but there was nothing to do about it – you’ll always lose more shots than you get when dealing with bugs.

The next day, or if it was the day after that, I went out to see if I could find anything new to shoot. Imagine my surprise when one of the first bugs I ran into was that very same beetle from the day before. Well, of course I don’t know if it was the same individual but it was definitely the same type of beetle and I did find him, again, on a flower very close to our flat. If you take into account where I found him and the fact that I’ve never seen any beetles like this before, it does seem like it might have been the same critter I met twice.

BeetleContaining my excitement I picked the flower he was sitting on and set up a pink background, to match the flower. After finding a good position that let me hold the flower and keep the camera reasonably steady – regular readers should be familiar with this technique by now – I started shooting. The critter was pretty sluggish but he moved around a bit, which caused some trouble but at the same time also offered me a chance to shoot from more angles. I shot quite a lot and got some of my best shots so far this year and it was something different than the usual fare of spiders, flies and ants, which is always fun.

This story again goes to prove that it’s so much about luck when it comes to getting that awesome shot you’re always hunting, even more so when you’re shooting bugs. All you can do is hone your technique so that you’re ready when the opportunity presents itself; that’s when all the pieces fall into place and you can create something that goes above and beyond. So don’t give up, keep shooting, keep practicing and the shots will come in time.


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