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I’ve put a poll up in the sidebar to the right to help me find out a bit why people read my blog. If you could take a couple of seconds to answer it would be much appreciated.



4 Responses to “Looking for answers”

  1. disperser

    Mainly, I thought the name was unique and interesting. Then I stay to follow the learning curve of your experimentation.

    . . . and it’s a little bit of each of the options except the last . . . so that’s the one I picked.

    • Rifqi

      I see, the jedi/ninja counter is going up. I realize the options could have been expressed better, there are probably a lot of people (who am I kidding, I don’t have a lot of readers…) who are somewhere in between the different alternatives.

  2. abu zar

    as you already mentioned, technically speaking, check box rather than a radio button is the most apt choice here. I enjoy the tone of humor and the story line that follows a shoot but I also learn quite a bit , especially about lighting which I’ve been experimenting with a bit myself.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks for the answer and glad you like the blog. From the few answers so far it seems to be a mix of reason that makes people come back here.


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