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As promised we’ll take a look at another use for the lastolite triflip today. I’ve kind of stolen borrowed this technique from Joe McNally, who seems to use it a lot.

My wife wanted some new profile pictures for her blog and that provided the perfect opportunity to try some more things with my new toy. These are just clean and simple shots so nothing too fancy or exciting but I still think they turned out ok. They could have been a lot better if our kitchen had been more photogenic, or if I could at least have remembered to fix the table a bit. Since the style is fairly minimalistic I should definitely have removed some of the clutter on the table, my bad.

I didn’t take a setup shot (didn’t I recently say I was getting better at that?) but if you look below you’ll see a before and after shot. Can you guess what it’s before and after?

First of all, the key light is a LP160 in softbox from camera left, I can’t remember if I used some CTO gel or not but the description in my flickr says I did so I guess I did. So what’s different? In the after shot I’m bouncing a second LP160 on the gold reflector of the triflp, located on the floor. In other words it’s acting as a fill light, opening up the shadows to provide a much softer look. I choose the gold reflector because I wanted to warm the scene and give my subject a nice glow. The two shots above are also straight from camera so you can see that the top shot hasn’t been overly edited.

In the kitchenThe good thing about this technique – other than the fact that it gives you very nice light – is that it’s very portable, which is an important factor to me. You don’t need a big stand or anything, you can just put the flash on a chair or whatever and the reflector on the ground. You don’t even need to use the trigrip, you can just put the cover on the ground and still use the trigrip as a shoot through for the key light if you want – two light sources from one very portable modifier, perfect.

I’ll definitely be using this technique a lot more, both at home but even more so when I get any opportunities to shoot on location stuff. As long as I can rope in an assistant I’ll be able to shoot a lot of different styles with very minimum equipment. I also have another plan to make this already excellent modifier even more versatile but I won’t reveal what it is until it becomes reality, just in case it doesn’t work out.

That’s all for today, next week we’ll probably have a look at some bugs. The weather has been extremely cold for the season but it seems like summer might finally be on the way and with it comes the bugs.


In the kitchen In the kitchen In the kitchen


3 Responses to “Blog assignment”

    • Rifqi

      Aha, I’ve got a new assignment, time to start thinking about how to shoot it. Also, I’m getting cake, bet you’re all jealous :p


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