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I was trying to come up with something to shoot when I realized that I’ve never really used backlight for any portraits. My daughter was the perfect candidate with her fluffy hair to catch the light.

I decided to do something funky and go with pink backlight, I thought it would a cool way to light the muppet’s hair. The setup is really simple; LP160 in softbox from above and slightly to the left and another LP160 with pink gel from behind. The backlight should have been a bit higher but the little one is too short to hide a light stand behind, so I just had to put it on a gorillapod on the floor. Still, I think her hair catches the light in a nice way.

My regular readers already knows what I’ll complain about next: my model. The shot you see here is the first test shot I took to check the light and it’s by far the best shot I got. She was possibly even worse than usual this day, she just wouldn’t stand still at all, at least not in the right place. I wanted to play around a bit with the location of the key light and possible throw in som fill as well (which I did do on the second shot below). Getting some pink on the background might also have been nice. Me and my wife tried coaxing her for a while be we had to give up pretty fast, it just wasn’t going to happen. She was a lot more interested in the TV where her songs were playing (that’s what she’s pointing at).

FunkyThis second shot was a bit of a drive by shooting – she was doing the driving and I did the shooting. She had just raided the kitchen for something to sharpen her fangs on and came running from behind the bed sheet I used as a background. The effect of the lens flare is actually pretty neat but you can see that the lights are all over the place. That’s what I have to work with people, give me your sympathies.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can at least bribe her to follow orders for a couple of minutes but I guess that’s still at least a year in the future. If anyone has any tips for restraining a rampaging muppet, please, do share. I don’t think there’s much else to say about this photo shoot, it was pretty much a failure from start to end, though at least I got it confirmed that backlight works well with this kind of hair – I’ll tuck that away for a later date.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find myself a rabid weasel, a circus bear and some hornets so I can have a more relaxed photo shoot with more cooperative subjects.


Funky Funky

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