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Todays pictures were actually commissioned by my wife, they were her idea and I think the result is kind of cute. However, I think the result could also have been better, but that’s my fault. Let’s have a look.

To start things off we have a silhouette of a kissing couple (who could they be?). Very simple setup, though I did use three flashes, mostly because I could but also to minimize the power needed and to get a wider spread on the light. I’m firing all three flashes on a white bed sheet and the reason I felt I needed to maximize the spread was that I don’t have a huge studio to shoot in, just our living room. Obviously the flashes need to be behind whatever you want to create a silhouette of (in this case the mysterious couple) and when you lack space that means they’ll be pretty close to the background. So I have one flash directly behind and one to each side. Being in a smallish room also means that the light from all those flashes will inevitably bounce around a lot, some of it ending up on the foreground. No worries though, by pushing the contrast and curves to the extreme in post, I could easily create the effect I was after.

Next up was an impromptu shoot of a little story that my wife came up with on the spot. Let’s have a look at this riveting tale before moving on.

Girls like flowers, right? How about jewelry?

No? But surely shoes will work... I know, money is the answer

And they lived happily ever after So, if you’ve ever wondered how to woo the girl of your dreams, money is the answer. Very quick setup, just a LP160 in softbox from camera left and another LP160 in umbrella for fill from camera right, almost on axis. This was a bit of an experiment in terms of the background (which was already set up from the silhouette shot). The bedsheet is hung over the window to allow me to back up quite far into the hallway (where I usually hang my background), giving the subjects some extra distance both from the camera (shot at 85mm to compress things) and the background. The bedsheet is white but thanks to the distance it turns grey and I could light it separately if I wanted to. Since this was just a quickie I left it as it was.

It looks ok but a bit boring. One of the main problems is all the folds on the background, would have been nice if it was smooth instead – I’ll probably try this placement of the background again in the future. Had this been a more planned shoot I might have added a rim light or two as well. Depending on how much control I want over the background I might have shot this with an umbrella instead of the softbox. It would have given me a wider spread and a bit more wrapping light. However, the softbox was ready to go so I just used that. Besides, I saw it as an opportunity to experiment with controlling the background light. I learned something (I think) and I’ll take that with me when I go into the next shoot – and as mentioned, the pictures are kind of cute even if the technical execution is far from flawless, so not a total loss.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and figure out what I want to shoot this weekend.


Kiss Girls like flowers, right? How about jewelry? No? But surely shoes will work... I know, money is the answer And they lived happily ever after


4 Responses to “A story with pictures, quite literally”

    • Rifqi

      I think you’ll find that you’re mistaken, there is only one model in these shots, the other individual is a derranged photographer who couldn’t find the right side of the camera to stand on. Thanks though, I’ll let him know that it would be prudent of him not to wander into the composition in the future :p


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