The observant among you may have noticed a number of new links in my ‘Worth reading’ section to the right. One of those links will direct you to my wife’s new recipe blog, which I suggest you visit at once.

Yes, this is a shameless attempt to direct some traffic to my wife’s blog but if you have any interest in nice food, especially Indonesian food – and I know there are at least a couple of Indonesians who reads this blog on occasion – then I suggest you check it out.

Another thing I wanted to discuss quickly is the photos on her blog. I’ve looked around a bit on other food blogs (that my wife has directed me to) in order to see how they shoot things. Most seem to stick to natural light by a window and that’s certainly flattering light for food. The problem is that we don’t really have any good window to put the food next to and the days are getting shorter so we don’t really have much sun anymore either. So far I’ve been taking all the photos but I’ve kept it really simply so my wife can learn how to do it herself so she doesn’t have to wait for me to come home every time. She’s not very interested in technical things so I’ve shown her how to set up a single light in an umbrella. By always setting up the light in the same place and from the same distance from the food, the settings on the camera can also stay constant, so no need to think about changing anything there either. The light is placed to the side and slightly behind, which seems to produce light that works well for food. It’s also quite close to keep it as soft as possible. I’ve also been using a reflector made from aluminium foil and some cardboard to fill in some of the shadows.

A lot of the success of the really nice food photography I’ve seen lies with the styling and props that are used. That’s something I leave to my wife. Hopefully she’ll also start feeling a bit more comfortable with the camera after a while and then I’m sure the pictures will be even better. Until that time, however, she has a very simple, predictable and easily available light to use.

Now off you go, find something nice to cook for tonight.

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