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In today’s post I would like to  introduce an experiment I’ve decided to try in order to get more of a discussion going about the photos I post here and the techniques I use.

I’m talking about a google+ page for Rifqi’s photo. Some of you may have already noticed the snazzy link in the right column. So here’s the deal: I don’t write this blog just to share my photos – if that was all I wanted to accomplish I could just use flickr or any other photo sharing site. As you know I always write about how I accomplished my shots, what gear I used, how I used it and what I learned from it. By no means do I consider myself an advanced photographer, I’m still relatively new and I’m learning something new every time I shoot, and that’s what I want to share. So the discussions I’m looking to generated would probably be mostly from people at the same level as me or those just starting out, those interested in more in depth discussion of the technical aspects of the shots, be it for learning or inspiration. Of course it would also be awesome if someone with more skill and experience would like to contribute something as well.

In fact , exactly the kind of situation I’m talking about arose while I was sitting at work and writing this post (what? Don’t tell me you do actual work while you’re working). A fellow by the name of disperser left a comment on my post and we shot some more comments back and forth. This is precisely the kind of discussion I would like to see, advice and techniques being shared. Although I’m very happy to see this in the comments on my blog, I can’t help but feel that there must be a better place for it, a place where it can flow more naturally.

So what do you think? Would google+ be a good place to host these kind of discussions and would the fact that such a place is available encourage discussion in a way that commenting on a blog wouldn’t or couldn’t do? Of course the most important (and difficult) part will be to actually get people to follow and contribute in the discussions – that’s where you, my readers, come in and that’s why I’m interested in hearing from you if this is something that sounds interesting.

In addition to being a place for more in depth discussion of my blog posts, it would be interesting if it could become a sort of forum for all the readers. As an example you could share something with Rifqi’s photo so I get it in my stream and then I would reshare it so that everyone who follows Rifqi’s photo can take part of it and discuss it. For example it could be a photo you want more input on or just something you think would be of interest for the like minded to discuss. I would also post things that doesn’t fit on the blog, small updates that doesn’t warrant a proper blog post and general things of interest.

If this thing does catch on I really do think it has the potential to be successful. That’s why I’ll give it a try and keep posting on google+ for some time to come. So head on over there and add Rifqi’s photo to your circles for more updates and let me know what you think of the idea.



2 Responses to “A place for discussion”

  1. freebirdmani

    It is a good thought for a moment but then you need to also consider how many of us are on the google+ and how many of those who are there would like to follow the thought. I think many or more of us are more aficionados of facebook revolution. Depending on geography, if in US, you are more likely to get feeds from twitter.

    In the end its a matter of open thoughts from like minded people, the platform should not really limit the flow of thoughts. I would personally say a blog is ideal but for forums an open page on facebook would do get more fish to swim together.

    Thanks for liking the pic. Looking forward to sharing more and nice blogs.

    • Rifqi

      Back from a couple of days without internet, hence the late reply. I’m aware that facebook has, by far, the largest user base out there but frankly I would rather stab myself in the spleen with a rusty fork than use facebook. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but I’ve never liked facebook and really can’t stand it. I’ve already discussed some other problem with a reader on google+, you can see it here. This experiment is still in a very early stage so we’ll see how it works out.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving feedback.


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