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One of my favourite portraits of my wife, which you can read more about here, has been featured on Photo Critic after I submitted a couple of my photos there for consideration.

If you have a few minutes to spare I suggest you head over there and have a look. It’s in the form of a video so no heavy reading to bother your brain cells with and it won’t waste more than 4 minutes of your precious life. I think he makes some good points and I quite like his edit of the shot, both the crop and the minor cosmetic changes. If nothing else it has confirmed to me that I should probably put in more time to learn about post processing, both in order to enhance the look of my shots and to help bring focus to that which should be the essence of them, the message, if you will. Anyways, go have a look and why not submit some of your own photos for a chance to have them critiqued as well?



6 Responses to “I’ve been featured on Photo Critic”

  1. Caroline

    Coolt! Jag tycker också att han hade en del vettiga saker att säga. Personligen gillar jag huvudbonaden, och tycker inte det behövs någon redigering i ansiktet. Men helt klart att man ska tänka på vad man vill säga med bilden och ta bort sånt som kanske kan störa budskapet eller atmosfären i den.

    • Rifqi

      The Swedish speaking nutcase, a.k.a. my sister, says she agrees with some of the critique, especially the part about how should should consider what you want the focus of your photo to be and how to highlight that for the viewer.

  2. laila Alive

    How exciting to be featured! I know nothing about photography except how it affects me personally. And this one I think is extremely beautiful. It makes me wonder what she is thinking, where is she, was this candid? Essentially, it makes me stop and think, instead of just moving on.

    Also, the pics of your family made me stop. Because your little munchkin is sooo stinkin’ cute! Happy snapping!

    • Rifqi

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you like the portrait, my wife can be very photogenic when she’s in the right mood. And yes, the little muppet is sometimes a bit too cute for her own good. She’s now started giving me her back when I ask her for kisses, I just can’t get enough of her :p


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