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Today we’ll take a look at some random bugs that I found crawling around on the other side of the world. I didn’t find anything extremely exotic but at least I still managed to come away with a few decent photos.

Going half way around the world to take a picture of a fly may seem like a waste of time and effort but so far I’ve got a pretty good track record with flies. The thing with flies is that you can always find them, it doesn’t matter where you are (well, maybe Antarctica isn’t the best place to look), these pesky pests are always around. While being far from the prettiest insects, they do have rather compelling eyes that tend to vary a bit between different species. Sometimes their bodies can also have some nice colours. The particular fly to the left here was a dark shade of blue and had nice, big, bright red eyes. We were out pretty early in the morning to avoid the worst heat, so there wasn’t all that much ambient light but in this shot I managed to get a background that was lit a bit. I really like this shot, pretty much everything works in it; the angle, the composition, the background, I even got some dew drops on the leaf for a bit of extra sparkle. Flies shouldn’t be underestimated when the rest of the scene is just right.

Colourful spiderSomething that immediately captured my interest in a way that a fly could never manage was this colourful little spider. Actually it was my wife with her eagle eyes who spotted it for me. Not only was the spider itself very colourful but the leaf he was sitting on complemented him beautifully. Unfortunately he was very skittish and didn’t appreciate my attempts to get him to face the camera. I’ve said it before and I stand by it: spiders are some of the most cowardly critters I’ve come across. Even though I couldn’t get the composition I wanted, I still like the shot because of the colour combination. I did manage a frontal shot after I accidentally made him fall off the leaf but that result isn’t as compelling, just a normal green leaf with the ground as background. You can of course find it on my flickr if you’re interested.

BubblesThis next shot is also colourful but not thanks to the bug. Don’t ask me what plant it is, something exotic as far as I’m concerned. Don’t ask me what kind of bug it is either, something in the fly family is all I’ll venture. Colours aside, what interested me in this scene was the bubbles the critter was blowing. He really was blowing bubbles, I could see the bubble shrink to nothing and then he would blow it up again. I have no idea why they do this, perhaps it’s their way of drinking or something, but I’ve seen pictures of this before and always wanted something like that myself, so definitely a good find. The tricky part was getting focus right since I had to stand hunched over with my knees bent while holding the plant to keep it steady in the wind. You can’t stand like that for very long before various parts of your body becomes less than steady. In the end I got my shot so I’m happy.

GrasshopperContinuing on the theme of colour, we have this fairly unremarkable grasshopper. The shot is decent, though I would have liked some more light on the front of its face. What makes it work is the nice combination of green, yellow and brown, with a splash of blue. This guy was sitting on a bush where it was quite dark, as evident by the black background on the right side. However, the way I shot it meant that a small piece of the sky peeked through and provided some blue for the background as well. It was mostly accidental in this shot but if I can find an angle that lets me use the sky as the only background, I’m definitely going to try that some time.

Like I said, nothing too exotic but still some decent results. Be sure you check out the full size versions and a couple of additional ones below – especially the angry ant, which I thought turned out pretty good. If you’re wondering when all these Indonesian related posts will end, be patient, there are only a couple left now. I haven’t had time to get any new material yet but hopefully I will by the time these posts are all finished, it has just been busy lately and I haven’t had any opportunities to shoot anything.

Stay tuned, more to come.


Fly Colourful spider Bubbles Grasshopper Angry ant (why are they always angry?) Grasshopper

7 Responses to “Random critters from Indonesia”

  1. Caroline

    Det syns inte på denna lilla bilden, men på flikr är flugbilden så söt. Ser ut som om han står i sin ensamhet, tittar på himlen och filosoferar över större frågor än vad små flugor normalt brukar göra.
    Sen gillar jag spindelbilden. Framför allt pga färgen och texturen på bladet. Såg att nån hade jämfört det med linjerna i en skiva, och det kan jag hålla med om, men det första jag tänkte på var att han gick över en ödslig väg eller bro. Det funkar bra att bakgrunden är så mörk, annars skulle inte färgerna framträtt på samma sätt och atmosfären skulle blivit helt annorlunda. Nu känns det melankoliskt och surrealistiskt. Kollade på det andra porträttet av spindeln och det tycker jag faktiskt är jäkligt coolt också. Allt är så grönt och så kommer alla de där svarta ögonen som ser ut att fortsätta runt hela huvudet.

    • Rifqi

      For those of you wondering: that’s my sister commenting and she says the fly looks cute and philosophical – she’s the weird one in the family, I’m positively normal by comparison.

  2. michaelmarlow

    Nice shots! I gotta say though, I think spiders running away makes them smart creatures, if also frustrating photography subjects. When a beetle or a fly or whatever just sits there, I sometimes think for a brief moment: are you stupid? There’s a giant creature hovering over you! Where are the evolutionary mortal danger alerts?! And then I stop looking a gift horse in the mouth and take my shot. I guess aside from stupidity, there is the possibility I’m not very frightening, ha!

    • Rifqi

      I think a lot of bugs has kind of a comfort zone and when you get close enough to get inside that zone they more or less stop caring about you. Usually if I lose a critter I do it before I get really close. Either that or I might be so scary that they freeze in terror :p


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