There is something special about hotel rooms to me; something about their freshness, how everything always feels new and clean and soft. I just love being able to relax and not care about anything since everything is taken care of for you.

On our way home from Indonesia we were faced with a twelve-hour transit at Changi airport in Singapore. Twelve hours is a pretty long time to walk around an airport, even if you can spend some of it chasing butterflies (see previous post), so we decided to check in to the transit hotel for six hours to get some rest and have a shower. It was very nice, just a small room but that distinct hotel feeling was unmistakably there. However, I wasn’t about to spend the full six hours on the bed doing nothing, not when there were photographs to be had.

The layout of the room was such that there was a window from the bathroom facing the bed, a window with blinds on it, blinds that cast lots of cool shadows when you shine a light through them, a light like that from a flash, perhaps a flash connected to a camera I happen to be holding. Ok, if you haven’t picked up on my subtle hint yet: I wanted a shot with the flash coming in through the window blinds. I’ve always wanted a shot like that and given more time, energy and props, I could have spent a lot more time in that hotel room.

I placed the flash (LP160) on the wash basin in the bathroom (I was a bit limited since I didn’t have a stand with me) and aimed it through the window. The only tricky part of this shoot was to keep our little daughter away from the cable coming out from the bathroom with one leg while still trying to compose and get all the settings right – she’s very helpful, the little one, if she sees something that needs pulling she’ll be more than happy to do it for you.

Caught watching TV after hoursOverall I’m quite happy with this shot, which was actually taken in the afternoon and not at midnight as the title suggests. There weren’t actually any windows in the room so it was still dark though. However, my wife pointed out that she didn’t like her nose and I can see what she means, it’s not the most flattering angle for a nose. Next time I’ll take that into consideration, when I’m not busy contorting my legs to wrestle a baby at the same time. Speaking of baby, I took the opportunity to shoot her as well, for the ‘Alyzza goes to Indonesia’ series. The difficult part was to keep her on the bed since she often has an urge to practice her flying when she finds herself in a higher than usual place. We needed a distractions and the remote for the TV did the job fairly well, while providing a bit of a story to the shot in the process.

I have to close this post by again recommending the Changi airport. We spent quite a lot of time there and it’s very nice, we even started to feel at home. Maybe we were just lucky with the timing but I also felt it was a rather quiet airport, not at all crowded and noisy like most others I’ve been to.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m off to avoid some more work.


Midnight hotel Caught watching TV after hours