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My daughter recently went on a trip half way across the world and brought back some photos from her journey that she would like to share with all of you.

We’re back, if you don’t know what we’re back from it means you haven’t been keeping up with this blog, so shame on you. It’s been a very nice break from the monotonous droning of work and I’ve been able to take procrastination to a whole new level. Unfortunately that also meant that I perhaps didn’t take quite as many photos as I had intended. Still, I managed to walk away with a few decent ones.

Even long before we went on this trip I knew I wanted to do this series of shots of our daughter. The idea was for all the shots to have a somewhat uniform look and feel to them, a slightly artificial look that really puts focus on the subject. We’re going to take a closer look at a couple of the shots but if you want to view the whole series you can do so here. I’m afraid we were all too tired when we got home for me to take a proper closing shot for the series, maybe next time.

A walk on the beachRight then, the first shot in this post is one of my favourites, I’m just completely in love with the light, everything seems to work perfectly together. I really like the lens flare and the kind of hazy quality to the backlight and then the bare LP160 with 1/4 cto gel from camera right just makes the subject pop out of the frame. The only thing keeping this shot from possibly being my all time favourite is the fact that the model hasn’t got a clue how to pose properly. Sure, I was lucky enough to get a nice pose from her in this shot but her face really needs to be in the light as well, like in the second shot. Here we managed to get a perfect pose from her but, as you can see, the flash didn’t fire. I don’t know why it didn’t fire, could be a number of reasons, or it could have fired but been way off, since my assistant was a bit distracted at times. Again this could have been one of my all time favourites if the flash would have fired to really make the little one stand out. That being said, I’m still happy with both shots and the light in the first one has given me some ideas that I’ll have a go at when the opportunity presents itself.

Meeting some new friendsFor this next shot we’ve left the beach and placed the little model in the middle of the street outside of my parents in law’s house. This time the flash is in a softbox (still with 1/4 cto gel). The reason I didn’t use a softbox in the beach shots was that the light was quite bright (even though the sun was starting to set), so I wanted as much power as possible from my flash.

This shot was pretty lucky, seeing how the little tornado not only gave me a cute pose but also managed to face the right direction. I wasn’t planning on getting the neighbour’s kids in the frame but when they arrived it definitely added some interest to the scene. I’m also quite happy with the light. I intentionally choose to use the setting sun as a backlight since that’s something it really excels at and I knew I would be adding the key light to the subject anyway.

Walking down the street in BalikpapanHere’s one more shot from the street and as you can see I had to be quick so as not to lose my subject – keeping her in frame while my assistant tries to keep the light at the right angle is definitely a challenge. The overall scene in all of these shots is underexposed to really make the subject stand out more. If you do check out the whole series (and you really should) you’ll see some slight variations since some scenes just makes it trickier than others. The four shots in this post are my favourites but there are still some good ones left so off you go.

As you might imagine this is only the first of a whole bunch of Indonesian related posts. Even though I didn’t get around to taking as many photos as I would have liked – sometimes due to being too shy around a lot of new people, sometimes out of pure laziness – I still have a lot I want to discuss from different situations and hopefully I can keep it interesting.

If you know anything about me, you know that I write most of my blog posts from work and this one is no different, so it’s back to the slave work for me now. Until next time.


Gazing out at the sea A walk on the beach Meeting some new friends Walking down the street in Balikpapan Girl power Found something of interest

11 Responses to “Alyzza goes to Indonesia”

  1. [Gm]

    Great sets, Rifqi… love the photos. My wife loves them, too. She says “salam towel” for Alyzza (please ask your wife for what it means :D).

    PS: Don’t mean to be pushy, but… what about my sauced crabs? :D…

    • Rifqi

      Thanks, salam towel sounds like hello towel if you mix your languages :p We did get around to some sauced crabs, though not at the place you recommended since my wife’s cusin recommended another places that she said was cheaper and nicer, which is a win win in my book. It was very taste but rather messy and complicated as well :p

  2. Midnight hotel shoot | Rifqi's photo

    […] a baby at the same time. Speaking of baby, I took the opportunity to shoot her as well, for the ‘Alyzza goes to Indonesia’ series. The difficult part was to keep her on the bed since she often has an urge to practice her […]

  3. nigel

    I like all these photographs very much but, the first one is the most perfect photograph. I’d hope that it gets framed and hung up.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks, I’m really fond of the first one as well. I really should get better at printing photos so they don’t just stay in the computer, should liven up the walls a bit.


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