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Today’s post will just be something short to share a shot that turned out unexpectedly well a little while back. Nothing spectacular but instead rather minimalistic.

I spotted this small moth (at least I think it’s a moth of some kind – what’s up with its nose anyway?) while I was hunting grasshoppers and, even though it’s not something I would normally be all that interested in, I took a quick shot of it. I quite liked the effect of that shot so I took a second one to get something in focus and luckily succeeded at least decently, since that was all I was given before it flew off.

The background is black because it was an overcast day without much ambient light and the flash fires just enough to light the subject. In relative terms the background is also pretty far away from the subject, meaning that the light from the flash doesn’t reach it. I think the look suits the subject pretty well, seeing how moths are usually more active in the night and the white colour makes for a nice contrast against the black. The minimalistic background also helps to avoid overpowering the small subject with unnecessary clutter.

Given the opportunity and the right subject, I might go for this style intentionally sometime, instead of just having it happen because it’s the way the light and background happens to work out. As promised this will be a short post, just wanted to make sure you weren’t sleeping.




6 Responses to “A minimalistic approach”

  1. forkboy1965

    I like it when things like this happen…. chances arise which allow for an insect subject to either be lit as if against black velvet or, like your robber fly, they land someplace with perfect lighting.

    • Rifqi

      They’re usually quite fluffy and look kind of cuddly, wouldn’t mind if we had some bigger ones around here.


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