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Today, the 17th of August, is the Indonesian day of independence, something I thought we should celebrate with an Indonesian inspired photo shoot.

It was as late as 1945 when Indonesia proclaimed their independence and it wasn’t until 1949 that it was officially acknowledged by the Netherlands. Yes I looked that up on Wikipedia, I had no idea about any of that until a few minutes ago. Anyways, as some of you may know by now, or at least should know by now (don’t make me give you detention), my wife is from Indonesia so she suggested we take some Indonesian themed photos of our daughter.

It was with great trepidation I set things up for an all red and white photo shoot, knowing that my model was one who could make lesser photographers cry in frustration – she did not disappoint. We used the by now mainstay technique of hit and run shooting. I did the shooting, trying to hit something, she did the running, mostly away and rather fast. Actually this worked out pretty well in a couple of shots, including this first one. To me it has a kind of olympic feel, like she’s an athlete doing her thing and representing Indonesia. There are links to a couple of additional shots at the end of the post and one of them is very unflattering, and I do mean very, so I can recommend checking them out as well. I’m so going to pull that out when she’s older and have her first boyfriend home, I’m a parent so it’s my privilege to embarrass my daughter…yes, I’m evil…very evil.

Alyzza - Indonesian independence daySince we don’t have an actual Indonesian flag, I just used a white bed sheet as the base and then hung a red blanket over it. Crude, but it works. Key light is coming from camera left at a rather standard 45 degree angle from a LP160 in umbrella. I was lying down on the floor to get the right angle and composition (though any thoughts of fine tuning the composition goes out the window if you’re shooting my daughter, just shoot when most of her is in frame and hope for the best) and I had a second LP160 in umbrella just over my head as fill light. I think this light worked pretty well for a nice and clean look.

Post processing was fairly minimal, I mostly enhanced the contrast to make the subject stand out better. However, one thing I had to do was to take down the red colour quite a bit. For some reason the red channel was rather blown out but I think that’s a common problem for most cameras, it’s just that I haven’t encountered it before. Definitely something to remember though, in case I ever have a photo shoot of someone in a red dress.

Both me and my wife are in full Indonesian mode at the moment, the reason being that we’re going there on our holiday next week. That’s also why you might have noticed a slowing down of new posts this week, I’ve been busy with other things and I’m also trying to save a couple of posts for when we’re away so the blog won’t be completely dead for a month (I also have a couple of surprises up my sleeve). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to doing as little as possible at work.


Alyzza - Indonesian independence day Alyzza - Indonesian independence day Alyzza - Indonesian independence day Alyzza - Indonesian independence day


2 Responses to “Happy independence day Indonesia”

  1. [Gm]


    *if you don’t understand what it means, ask your wife :D…

    Alyzza is looking cute with the elephant shirt :D…

    • Rifqi

      I’ll have to ask my wife, my Indonesian is a bit rusty :p I wonder if it’s the clothes that makes the girl or the other way around :p


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