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Today I just want to share a couple of shots from one of my latest bug hunts that are completely different to the things I normally shoot. It might not appeal to everyone, it’s…pink.

I’m usually not that into flowers, or anything small that isn’t crawling in one way or another, but on this occasion it had just been raining and water drops tend to make things look cooler. The rather pink shot (aptly entitled ‘Pink’) to the left is, if I got the translation right, of a Glaucous Dog-rose, but I reserve the rights to be completely and utterly wrong on that one. It was the last shot I took on my way home and I was actually peeking inside the flowers on the off chance that an interesting bug might be hiding in one of them. Alas, there were no bugs but the inside of the flowers was still kind of interesting. Since it had been raining there wasn’t much light so I decided to make things a bit funky; I aimed the flash at the outside of the petals and took the shot, that’s why everything is so pink, the petals acted as a coloured gel for the flash. The squiggly bits inside the flower were in fact yellow but I think my all pink version is more fun, if not botanically correct. The post work done is mostly some desaturation, the original had a much deeper colour (still pink though).

Water on petalsThis second shot, taken a bit earlier, is more classical in nature, featuring the rather common theme of water drops on petals. The colours were a bit boring so I converted this one to black and white – almost black and white, there’s actually a very slight pink hue to it. You won’t really notice unless you see it side by side with the completely black and white version but it definitely does make a difference and I like this one better.

You can kind of tell that I’m not used to shooting flowers, I didn’t give the composition much thought and in hindsight I think it would have worked better at more of an angle to give it depth. As it is, it looks slightly flat. Other than that I think it turned out ok, especially after the post work.

Just a short post to share something different from a rainy day.


Pink Water on petals


6 Responses to “And now for something completely different”

  1. Dans (Caustic-funboy)

    Your Macro Photography is mesmerising, really quite stunning.


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