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Yesterday the little one turned 11 months so we had a quick (quickish) photo shoot that left her poor parents more or less exhausted – her modelling isn’t getting any better.

So, only one month left to the big first birthday and our Alyzza is now pretty much unstoppable. She was already walking by herself a month ago and she’s certainly not getting any slower. What’s more, she can now easily get up by herself, no need to find a wall or furniture to help her. She just did it one day and then immediately did it again several times after, she’s a fast learner. Nothing is safe from her, as she’s also quite the little climber, racing for the sofa if you give her even the slightest opening; she knows there’s a treasure trove of remotes and other goodies up there.

All in all she’s not giving us a quiet moment but it’s a lot of fun to constantly see her manage things that has been too difficult just a short while ago. She’s also a lot more fun to play with now and can often be quite cheeky. Now, if we could only get her to sleep better at night…

Alyzza - 11 months oldA bit about the photos: they were all taken with a white sheet as background and a LP160 behind to blow it out completely. Another LP160 in umbrella to camera left provided the key light. The most difficult part by far, very far (seriously, we’re talking astronomical distances here), was to get the model in place and get her to stay long enough for a shot. The top photo is a good example of this; I really like that shot but it annoys me that it’s not in focus, her eyes are a bit soft while the bottom part of her dress is sharp. In the end I decided to still post it since it was the best pose she gave us for the whole session.

We used the same technique as our previous photo shoot with this particular model. My wife got her ready, put her in place and then quickly tried to get out of frame so I could try to get a shot off before the frame was empty and the subject in the other end of the room. Definitely a bit frustrating at times and my wife was almost out of breath from chasing her around. It was worth it in the end though, since we did manage to get some fairly decent shots.

Happy 11 months Alyzza. For the rest of you, be sure to check out some additional shots below.


Alyzza - 11 months old Alyzza - 11 months old Alyzza - 11 months old Alyzza - 11 months old Alyzza - 11 months old

14 Responses to “11 months old”

      • EvilPoet

        I can certainly relate! I raised three daughters. I was outnumbered! The time goes so fast! In a blink of an eye they are all grown up and having handful’s and armful’s of their own.

      • Rifqi

        Time certainly flies, though I hope she stays pappa’s girl a bit longer, I’m not quite ready to have her leave the nest just yet :p

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