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I already knew my extremely cute daughter is actually a little villain – however, I didn’t know that she is, in fact, nothing short of a super villain.

So, after someone (her name starts with an A and ends with lyzza) managed to break my glasses, I needed to get some new ones. I actually got two pairs for the price of one, which was nice, and obviously that gives me a reason to harass you guys with some self portraits – don’t worry though, I kept the light a bit moody so you can’t see too much of my face.

The shot to the left is the only one I thought turned out ok (there’s a link to another one at the end of the post). Main light is a LP160 from camera left in a softbox and background light is another LP160, gridded and with CTB gel, aimed at a black bed sheet. I don’t really have enough space for shots like these so the background flash is standing on the floor behind me, that’s why it has the shape you see here. I’ll have another go at it once I get rich and have my own studio or big house with lots of empty space…So, not a bad shot but certainly not great either.

I was in the middle of putting everything away when my daughter showed me that she is a very special girl. The main flash was still on its stand with the cable I used to connect it to the camera hanging down to the floor. Alyzza had been busy making things difficult for me but had now settled down on the floor as well, right next to the cable. Imagine my surprise when she put the end of the cable in her mouth – no, not surprise at that, it was bound to happen, that’s where all things must end up, sooner or later – the surprise came from the fact that the flash fired, first once, then again. You really had to be there to appreciate how funny this looked; the little girl sitting on the floor with the cable in her mouth, like the cutest little wall socket ever, thoughtfully chewing a bit on the contact and the flash going pop.

I don’t really know how this happened (well, obviously my daughter has super powers, just like I always knew any child of mine would have) but my best guess is that it was some static electricity or something. The cable is a simple miniphone cable and the flash is completely manual so it doesn’t care what kind of signal it gets, as long as it’s something it will fire. Whatever was going on it was by far the most awesome part of this photo shoot.


Self portrait - New glasses Self portrait - New glasses


6 Responses to “New glasses – or – How I found out that my daughter has super powers”

  1. [Gm]

    So, next step is to found how to sync Alyzza with your camera, and you’ll get yourself a new flash trigger :D…

    • Rifqi

      I know, I’ll have a voice activated light stand with built in flash trigger, it will save me a lot of money on radio triggers :p

  2. elmediat

    Entertaining post. Obviously you have a very bright child with a sparkling personality.


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