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A little while ago my beautiful – but not so innocent, as we shall see – daughter managed to get a hold of my glasses while I was hugging her and proceeded to break them very neatly.

Since I knew that no one would believe that such a cute thing would ever do such evil, I decided to get some evidence. Ok, so the evidence is perhaps a bit staged but she really is guilty, I’m telling you. My wife helped me style her a bit to look less cute (though it certainly is difficult to hide all that cuteness); we put on the only dark clothes she has and gave her an edgy hair style. I think she looks a bit like a prison inmate in her striped shirt.

As you can see in the photo to the left I’m using my goto technique of a bare flash as rim to camera left and the main light is in a softbox to camera right, both LP160’s as usual. The softbox is perfect for more controlled light on a small subject like this, something I could never have achieved with an umbrella. I was planning to make the rim light less prominent and just use it to separate her silhouette from the background but, as has been mentioned before, this girl isn’t the most cooperative model to work with. Since she can walk quite well by herself now, she tends to do it as much as possible and doesn’t really like to stand still for very long. The broken glasses (evidence) she’s holding did distract her for a few seconds but hardly long enough to do any fine tuning of the light – I was just happy if the light was at least in the right general area.

The end of my glassesOne trick we tried after a few failed shots was to put the little bandit a bit behind the position where she was supposed to be. That way my wife had time to get out of frame while the little one moved forward into position for a shot – rinse and repeat.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to her growing up a bit more so she can actually take some directions. My life as a photographer will be a lot more fun when I have a model I can coerce, bribe or threaten into posing at any time. My wife’s job as my assistant will also be a lot easier when it doesn’t include making sure the model doesn’t run away from the set or eat the prop.

Anyways, I think the photos turned out ok, at least if you consider the fact that this was the model’s first time posing while standing all by herself, very impressive. I got the dark look pretty much the way I wanted it, would just have been nice with some better poses and more experimenting with the light. Just a short post today since there wasn’t anything advanced going on.


Oh no, I've been caught The end of my glasses Career criminal


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