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A while back I mentioned that I wanted a better way to attach gels to my flashes, something quick and secure to make it easy to handle when on the move. Today I’ll share my very simple solution.

In the picture you can see the very complicated steps necessary for this modification, the first of which shows my old solution, the rubber band. Using a rubber band worked but it was always a bit fiddly to get the gel in place and wasn’t really all that secure once you got it where you wanted it. Since I want to use gels (cto in particular) when we travel to get the style and mood right, I needed something that would keep everything in place while also being very quick to attach and remove. First I thought about building some kind of slot from cardboard to hold the gel but that sounded like too much work so instead I went with something a lot easier.

Velcro, one of the great inventions of our time, cheap and simple to use. I got a set of self adhesive velcro pads at a local hardware store – not as cheap as a rubber band but hardly anything likely to give anyone debt problems. First step (number two in the picture): attach one pad to each side of the flash. Second step: attach pads to each end of the gel. I actually cut these in half since you really don’t need a big contact surface and it’s even more economic since you can get twice as many gels velcroed (hey, I made a new word). Final step: attach gel to flash. Takes seconds, comes off almost as fast and once there it will stay there. I might even leave the one I plan to use the most when we travel on the flash at all times. If I don’t want to use it for a particular shot, just attach it so it’s not facing the front of the flash.

I’m starting to get most things ready for our big trip, with time to spare (still over a month, sigh). Now all I need to do is to become a decent photographer so my photos won’t suck…


5 Responses to “Modifying my flash”

    • Rifqi

      You’re too late, it’s already in my news reader 😉 A lot of the stuff there is way too Macgyver for me but it’s still a good source for ideas if you ever need a project for a rainy weekend or something.

  1. forkboy1965

    Glad you already know about it. I agree that much of it is, as you say, “too Macgyver”, but I have done a few things from their site and think I probably saved myself about $250 thus far.

    Not too shabby….


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