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As usual I’m way late (over a week) with my monthly update about my daughter’s progress but why break the tradition now? Actually this is only the third update but I thought I should try to keep it up.

There’s definitely some progress to report now: she’s walking and getting better at it by the day. She got a lot of training when we visited grandma last weekend, thanks to the cat who wasn’t all that keen on letting her get close. I know she’s not walking in the picture but I really like this, it tells the story of what was going on quite well. Since she started walking she has also found some whole new ways to fall and hurt herself. Sometimes I wonder if she does it just to worry her parents. However, even though she makes us worry it’s a lot of fun to see her do things she couldn’t do before. I’m also eagerly awaiting the day when she can finally pose properly for me so I have a model available at all times. I foresee that she’ll be rather sick of the camera after a while but it’s my privilege as her father to harass her whenever I want.

As for the photo, no fancy lighting this time, just available light since my grandma’s flat is quite bright and there was no way those two would stop to pose for me. That’s all for today, I should get back to work since it’s very busy here…I hate Mondays…


Where the cat goes the baby follows Charge!

2 Responses to “10 months old”

  1. [Gm]

    Haha! love the first photo :-)…
    The cat has to be very careful. On the next visit, I bet she can catch the cat :D…

    • Rifqi

      Oh yes, the cat will be in trouble. Maybe it will have to teach my daughter that fluffy things can have sharp ends as well :p


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