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I really should start taking my wife with me more often on my bug hunts. She has sharp eyes and keeps finding interesting bugs that I would have missed.

I love the colours of this beetle that she found in some flowers for me. It looks like a rather pimped out tank. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of the post to view the pictures larger on my flickr. It was a windy day (again) so the flowers were moving a bit but this beetle was very cooperative, just sitting there with no intentions to go anywhere, I like bugs like that. I tried to get some different angles but the way he was sitting in the flowers made it difficult to get any really great composition. Next time I think I might try to move a bug like this after getting the initial shots I want – no harm in putting up a little effort to get a better shot. If I had moved him I could have gotten a full body shot from above as well, which I think would have been quite nice. I would also love to get closer for more details of that metallic armor – I’m so getting a set of extension tubes for next years season but right now I’m saving up for something else.

Weird flyThe second new and exciting bug for the day, sitting literally just a couple of flowers away from the beetle, was this fly/bee/bumblebee/thing. I have no idea what it is, at first I thought it was some kind of bee because of the body, but then I saw the face and eyes which looks like a fly. I don’t know what to make of the beak-like shape of the mouth, this guy seemed to be having an identity crisis. In other words: it was exactly what I was looking for, weird and new. This guy was a lot trickier to shoot than the beetle since he was moving around on the flowers and sometimes flying away to a different one. Not as bad as the bees I shot earlier but combined with the wind he certainly wasn’t making it easy for me. One positive thing about him moving around was that it provided more opportunities for different compositions than what the beetle would give me.

Two very lucky and interesting finds, no doubt mostly thanks to my wife’s sweetness that seems to attract bugs (at least that’s what she says, plus she thinks I’m half blind sometimes). I think we can all agree that one of them is slightly prettier than the other. Be sure to check out the additional shots below as well.


Metallic green Weird fly Metallic green Weird fly

6 Responses to “Miscellaneous bugs”

  1. [Gm]

    “I really should start taking my wife with me more often on my bug hunts. She has sharp eyes and keeps finding interesting bugs that I would have missed. ”

    Don’t mean to be sexist, but women do have sharper eyes in finding things. My wife has the same trait, for example when looking for misplaced items around the house.

    • Rifqi

      I never misplace things around the house, I always know exactly where everything is until my wife moves it :p After it’s been moved however, I can stare right at it and not see it :p

  2. Andrea

    I love this stuff…you know behind every man’s success…there’s a woman 🙂 on a serious note, excellent work with the bugs!

    • Rifqi

      My wife definitely takes care of me very well, I would be a mess without her :p Glad you liked the bugs as well.

  3. forkboy

    I should bring my daughter as she hates bugs and always seems to find even the tiniest about the house.


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