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I guess it’s been a while since I last tormented you with my picture perfect face, so today we’re taking a look at my latest attempt to make myself look as cool as possible.

Not that I’m not already as cool as cool can be, but it never hurts to seek improvement. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with this shot, it turned out more or less the way I hoped. It’s been a while since I did anything high key (blown out background) like this so I felt it was about time I tried it again, I wanted kind of a noir feel but in reverse. Let’s start with the technical.

As usual I forgot to take a setup shot but it’s an easy setup so I should be able to explain it without causing too much confusion. First order of business was to blow out the background (that actually sounds way cooler than it is). If you remember last time (which is also the only other time), I did the background by lighting the wall behind me. This time I used my fancy curtain hanger and a white sheet for a much better result. I simple placed one LP160 behind the sheet and I don’t think I used more than 1/4 power to blow out the background. Very little was done in post on the background so I’m happy with how easy it was to get a good result.

My main light was my other LP160 in my new softbox to camera right. The reason for using a softbox instead of umbrella was simply that it makes it a lot easier to control the falloff of the light and I wanted it to hit just the side of the face. To make the falloff even softer and smoother I just feathered the light off the face – in other words: the softbox is to my left and actually angled a bit toward the camera so that only the edge of the light hits my face.

Overall there wasn’t much post processing done, just played around a bit with the contrast and blacks to give it more impact. It’s actually not completely black and white either, there’s a tiny hint of colour that I think makes for a much more interesting tone. If there’s one thing I would have liked to improve with this photo, it’s probably my pose. My neck looks rather short so it would have been better if I placed the camera higher so I wouldn’t have had to angle my head down. That’s what you get for working with crappy models.

I hope this post hasn’t deterred all of you from coming back, I promise that the next one will contain something much prettier and possibly fluffier as well.


Self portrait

4 Responses to “Battle between light and dark”

  1. Andrea

    I actually quite liked it, its a stylish potrait, gothic and placid,hard to capture such feelings in a photograph which is why this one is really good…


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