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I like bumblebees, I really do, they’re round and kind of fluffy. They buzz along in a lazy fashion and they don’t try to murder you like some other striped flying critters. Only problem is, I hate them.

They taunt me with their round, cuddly appearance, looking all slow and lazy. So naturally you want to shoot them and start looking for one that sits still. Only they don’t, ever, never ever…they’re always moving, jumping from flower to flower like the next one is the last one left in the world. Even when they land on a flower they don’t stay there for more than half a second. If you’re lucky, and I mean really lucky, you might get one that actually stays on the same flower for 2-3 seconds, but that’s pushing it. And even then, when they’re actually on the flower, they’re still moving around like crazy, usually on the wrong side of the flower, just to infuriate you even further.

As if being nigh impossible to shoot wasn’t enough; the other day I had a lovely butterfly (more on the butterflies in a post later this week) in my sights. It was busy feeding on a flower, making its way toward my lens for a lovely composition when, from nowhere, a big bumbling buffoon butts (see, I’m so angry I’m alliterating) his way onto the same flower and scares the delicate butterfly away, only to himself leave half a second later, just to make sure I definitely wouldn’t get any shots at all.

The shot I’m showing here is the best I could get after firing away around 20 frames while chasing this particular bumblebee from clover to clover for a while. It’s not perfect and not really that interesting since the face is buried in the flower, but I worked hard for it.



3 Responses to “Bumbling buffoons”

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    […] Luckily they were pretty busy with the flowers most of the time and – unlike a certain other critter I know *grumbles* – they actually took some time to enjoy the flowers instead of madly […]


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