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Perhaps last time wasn’t just luck, since I seemed to achieve a similarly high batting average this time as well. However, some curve balls still give me trouble (fair warning: post may contain spider in small quantities) .

Apologies for the baseball references, I’m not even interested in baseball *ducks bat*. Anyways, I went out without very high expectations; it had rained the day before (a lot), the weather was a bit on the off side and not all that warm either. I started out by running into this little guy. I think it’s a jumping spider since it looks just like the ones I’ve seen other people post – also, the fact that he was jumping from grass to grass gave me a hint. I didn’t think we had those spiders around here but maybe I just haven’t been paying attention before. He also looks a lot smaller than some of the other pictures I’ve seen of this type of spider (as always, it’s shot at 1:1 and uncropped) but I guess they come in different sizes. Always wanted to shoot one of these because of those huge eyes perched at the top of its head and I got some good poses. So off to a good start, even though I would have loved a bigger one.

FlyMost of the shots of the little jumper hade fairly good focus but this fly was even more impressive. I know, I know, I take way too many shots of flies but I only took this one because I liked the background. This was actually the only shot he gave me before flying off and I managed to get good focus on that single try. The same situation occurred one more time with another fly (a red one, not the same kind again, promise) so that was twice that I got keepers with just one shot.

Even though it’s nice to get good results with just one shot, I definitely prefer critters that sit still a bit longer. While I did get some decent posers, one of the more interesting critters I found proved to be very camera-shy. I’m talking about the flying ant you can see below.  I found this guy hiding in a slightly tricky place without much light (as evident from the black background). As you can see, he had a pretty aggressive attitude toward the camera, which worked just fine for me since it gave me some interesting poses. After taking some pretty dark shots I wanted to give him some more light. So I took the long grass he was sitting on and moved him to a nice, sunny leaf. The light was nice but my model seemed rather nervous after my firm direction. Every time I got in front of him he turned around and went to the other side of the leaf I had deposited him on. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Flying antFor a day with no expectations I would say it was a success. There were a couple of nice surprises in the critter department and my results were good from a technical standpoint. If you’re interested in some non bug related macro, I also have a few random shots of scenery up on my flickr that I took when I had some down time from the bugs. I wasn’t really paying much attention to those shots so I can’t say they’re particularly good but seeing how you’re going to my flickr anyway (because you’re going to check the details of the bug shots, right?), it might be worth a look.

That’s all for this time but there’s more coming up, both bug and non bug, maybe even something fluffy (sort of), so be sure to check back soon.


Small spider Fly Flying ant Small spider Bug


2 Responses to “High hit rate”

    • Rifqi

      Thanks. Actually I think the focus is ever so slightly off, the eye isn’t perfect. But I have a thing for eyes :p


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