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This one is for all you spider haters out there – I’m going to show you that spiders are actually rather silly critters and that they can also be quite cute. No really, keep reading.

Our story starts on a dark and stormy night…actually, it was a rather bright and pleasant summer evening, but that doesn’t sound very cool. We were about to get to bed when my wife called me from the bedroom, saying there was a huge spider there. I was sure she was exaggerating, seeing how we live in Sweden and we (sadly) don’t get any big spiders around here. However, to my great surprise and equally great excitement, it was easily one of the biggest spiders I’ve seen around here. Compared to a lot of other spiders it was still small but when you’re used to spiders at most half the size, you have reason to run for the camera, which is just what I did.

The background isn’t the best, being our drap bedroom wallpaper, but he was a good poser, giving me ample time to try some different angles. Focusing was a bit tricky since it was in a dark bedroom with only some faint light from the window and a night lamp. I would have loved to shoot this fellow with a more natural background and better light, would look great on some moss, a leaf or some bark. Alas, you can’t always get what you want.

Uninvited guest 2After snapping away for a while, my wife wanted him removed from the bedroom. I took a tub and poked my eight-legged model until he fell in and put a lid over it so he wouldn’t escape on our way to the balcony. Turned out I didn’t have to worry about any escape attempts. When I removed the lid I was greeted by a spider who was very fervently playing dead. So you see, there’s no reason to be scared of spiders, they’re even more scared of us. I thought he was being very silly so I put him down on a chair and got my camera again. He made for a very good model in this state as well, since I could flip him over (he was on his back) and turn him around as I wished. Don’t you think he’s kind of cute, trying to make himself as small as possible and staying completely still? After I finished shooting him for the second time I got ready for bed and then went back to check on him, just to make sure he didn’t die from fright or anything. Not to worry, he had scampered off and is hopefully safe somewhere out there.

A very good way to end the day, definitely lucky. I wonder who my next unexpected guest will be.


Uninvited guest 2 Uninvited guest 2 Uninvited guest 2


4 Responses to “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”

    • Rifqi

      Thanks. Not very big really, it’s all relative :p It’s shot at 1:1 and uncropped (as all my macros are), which means that the whole frame is around 2.4 cm across. So I guess the spider’s body is around 1 cm or something like that.


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