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This post is a bit late but I still have to let everyone know that our little girl now is 9 months old (as of Thursday last week). Feels like she’ll soon be a big girl if she keeps this pace up.

As you can see from the picture, she can now easily stand by herself as long as she has something to hold on to. She’s trying to climb on everything and her reach is getting longer and longer, meaning it’s getting harder and harder to keep things away from her – and especially away from her mouth. It also means that she has farther to the floor, resulting in more bruises when the balance can’t quite cope with those chubby legs.

As for the photos, they’re just something quick to document the 9th month coming to an end. Apart from the background I think they’re quite nice, even though there wasn’t time for very many shots, seeing how the model was a bit reluctant to cooperate for very long. What we have is two bare lp160s, one from each side, and a SB-400 in umbrella from high front. This is very quick light to set up and I think it’s gives a nice, crisp result. The rim lights brings out the shape of her round face. Actually it looks almost like and ad for that table she has, just need a cleaner background.

Soon our little muppet will be one year old, I guess we should have a proper photo shoot at that time. Her father will probably enjoy that more than her though.


Alyzza - 9 months Alyzza - 9 months

2 Responses to “9 months old”

  1. [Gm]

    “Her father will probably enjoy that more than her though.”
    Well, she won’t enjoyed it very much now… but when she grow older, I’m sure she will be happy to have a photographer as her father :D…

    Btw, 9 months old on last Thursday, which means the birthday is in September. So, having birthday party in Balikpapan? 😀

    • Rifqi

      Either that or she’ll be embarrased when she sees me crawling around for my macro shots :p Yes, both mine and her birthday will be when we’re in Balikpapan, just after Eid as well, so plenty of reason to celebrate while we’re there.


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