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The warm weather has arrived with the summer and that means we start leaving windows open to attract a cool breeze or two. It also means that we leave a window open for uninvited guests, which is why you have to be prepared to shoot first and ask questions later.

We were watching a movie (I think) when this wasp found his way in through the balcony door. Following the established laws of physics, he promptly found a window to bang his head against. I knew I wanted to shoot him but I also knew he wasn’t going anywhere – for as we all know, anything with wings is incapable of finding their way out once they’ve found their way in – so I waited until the buzzing stopped. Once the little guy had settled down a bit I got the camera out and began shooting him. If you look at the bigger version on my flickr (which you should), you’ll notice that he’s quite dusty, so I guess we should have a proper spring summer cleaning or something. I actually got some good shots but it would have been even nicer in a more natural environment; for some reason a curtain feels slightly out of place as a backdrop for a wasp. That he’s starting to look like a dust puppy doesn’t help either.

Uninvited guestAfter getting the mandatory profile shot to get the eye and as many details as possible, I tried some head on portraits as well. There’s definitely something mean looking about wasps, they’re not cuddly like bees. I wish I could shoot them in their natural habitat as well but I’ve never seen one sit still so far, they’re always flying around, making it impossible to get close. Maybe I should just start inviting more bugs to the house. For the first time I don’t really mind that much, since they pay for themselves by modelling for me. I’ve also considered putting some flowers on the balcony and possibly bait them with some honey to attract bees and other critters. So far I’ve been too lazy though, procrastination often wins these battles I’m afraid.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the photos and I’ll keep my eye open for any other uninvited, but not entirely unwelcome, guests.


Uninvited guest Uninvited guest Uninvited guest

4 Responses to “Shoot your guests”

  1. Shelly

    “Shoot first and ask questions later” – I love it! And, if you want to get some natural wasps and bugs, I do highly recommend putting out a few flowers or plants to attract them. I love having mine growing in containers. I can gently move the container into the sun or shade (depending on what lighting I’m in the mood for), or onto a table so that I don’t have to sit on the ground. I then comfortably sit on a stool or deck chair and wait for wasps, bees, butterflies, and other critters to come to the container plant…. and then just click away without moving. THAT’s the ultimate in “lazy” nature photography 🙂

    • Rifqi

      Sounds good, we’ll see if I can defeat the procrastination devil sometime during the summer and get some flowers out on the balcony. The next problem will be to keep the poor things alive :p

  2. Eden

    You have a lot more guts than I do. Spiders I might try to shoot, but wasps and bees? Not with the macro on my camera anyway.

    • Rifqi

      Well, they’re actually quite friendly as long as you don’t bother them. Wasps might be a bit grumpy sometimes but bees are nice and cuddly, relatively speaking :p


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