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As you know (because I know you read everything on this blog, right?), we just got a new computer. So finally I can now sit down and edit for as long as I want, instead of rushing through it in hopes of finishing before my computer decides to die on me.

The other day I used this new freedom to experiment a bit and search for a new look for some photos. I’m using lightroom but I’m not using any presets because I like to be in control and I won’t learn anything if the program makes all the decisions for me.

The look I was after was a somewhat bleached and aged look, something to bring out a different feel in the photos. I did use a preset as a starting point (I think it’s called bleached or something like that) but changed most of the settings by hand, tweaking it here and there to get the look you see here. Obviously the colours are desaturated, making the whole image softer, almost a bit dreamy if the light is right. The second step I’ve been playing with a lot lately is split toning, a tool that lets you adjust the tones of the highlights and shadows independently. If any photoshop wizards are reading this I’m sure they’re laughing at my very amateurish editing process. I just got started though and I’m picking up bits and pieces as I go along, making some of it up myself on the way. Back to the split toning: I used a green tint for the highlights and a purple for the shadows. I think it creates a nice tone for the image with a slightly aged look. By varying the tones for the highlights and shadows, you can completely change the feel of an image. If anyone was wondering: The light is an lp160 in umbrella from top left of the frame.

FlowerIt will be a short post today but before I let you leave I would like to share this flower shot as well. I’m using the same post processing as I did on my daughter above. It annoys me a bit that I didn’t pay more attention to the framing, the flower should be a few millimeters down and it would be perfect. It was a quick grab on my latest bug hunt; I was having trouble finding bugs and this poor flower had to stand in for them. The tones work quite nicely for something like this and conveys the mood of a windy and overcast morning pretty well. The leftover water from the rain during the night also makes the petals sparkle a bit, providing some magic. Ok, I’m done, you can go now, go on, get.


Alyzza Flower

2 Responses to “Time to edit”

  1. [Gm]

    “I’m using lightroom but I’m not using any presets because I like to be in control and I won’t learn anything if the program makes all the decisions for me.”

    Well, it’s pretty much like camera, right? I won’t learn anything if the camera makes all the decisions for me. So, auto-mode – off :D…

    I like what you did with your daughter’s photo. I like the tone.

    • Rifqi

      Indeed, I think I took 5 shots or something in auto mode when I first got the camera and since then I’ve been shooting everything all manual. Glad you like the edit, I actually got some inspiration from you, really like the tone in your street shots so I’ve been playing around a lot with that lately to enhance the feel in some shots.


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