I’ve been more focused on bugs lately but while my girls were sleeping last weekend I decided to do a quick shoot of myself. As usual, I had to have a hat, just can’t seem to shoot myself without a hat. It was a different hat this time though, an orange one.

The results weren’t that good but I don’t mind much since it was a rather quick affair and I was just fooling around with some ideas. The first shot was with an lp160 in umbrella from behind to the right, a departure from the usual hard rim light I use. It actually works fairly well so I might experiment more with that in the future. The light on the face is from another lp160 standing on the floor with yellow gel. I think it would have worked better a bit higher up so the light could have hit the side of my face as well. An important thing to note about this photo is that I’m actually balancing that hat, there’s no photoshopping involved. I actually took several shots while balancing the hat the whole time, that’s how cool I am (what? That’s not cool? You speak nonsense, go away).

After my balancing act, I wanted to play with some shadows. I put one bare lp160 as a faint background light, just to get some separation, and the other one was equipped with a grid. I moved the light around a bit to get different shadows. From a pure light perspective, the results were pretty cool, but since I didn’t really put any effort into to making the model look good (it was a hopeless case anyway) the sum of the parts were pretty mediocre.

Self portraitOne thing I played a round with a bit more than usual was the post processing. As I mentioned in a previous post we’ve just gotten a new computer, so no more crashing in the middle of editing, very liberating. I’m definitely becoming a fan of the desaturated look, you can see it in the shot at the top here. It’s a look I’ll be using more in the future, with some tweaks it works for a variety of styles, from street photography to flowers. For the shot to the left I didn’t desaturate it as much but instead played around with contrast and split toning (I’m using lightroom, for those who are curious). Split toning is something I’ve only very recently dared venture into but it seems like a powerful tool when you want to change the feel of an image. As you can tell, I’m not really changing the content in the photos with my editing, there’s no adding or manipulating objects. What I do is simply to guide the image to convey the mood and feel that I had in mind when I took it. The camera only captures a scene as it sees it, not necessarily how the photographer (that would be me) sees it or how he wants the viewer to see it. I’m still trying to find my style when it comes to that and different scenes has to be handled differently. It’s moving in the right direction though, I’m learning more and more about both ends of the process.

A bit shorter today, I’m working late hours this week so not much time or energy left for my hobbies. More after the weekend.


Self portrait Self portrait Self portrait