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Our little Alyzza turned 8 months the other day, can’t believe how fast time is going and how fast she’s growing. Feels like just the other day when I held her for the first time and now she’s already standing and trying to climb on the furniture.

It’s been a big experience to see her learn new things, seeing her roll over for the first time, watch her squirm her way across the floor like a little weasel on a mission. She’s getting more personality too, she knows what she wants and gets upset when she doesn’t get it. Sometimes she can be unbelievably annoying, screaming and refusing to behave. Other times she’s almost too cute and adorable, laughing and smiling, making her little noises. Lately she’s taken to growling, just like the little gremlin she really is. I look forward to seeing her take her first steps, shouldn’t be long now, and help her on her way to become a good, well behaved young girl. But right now, what both me and my wife wants the most, is for her to sleep the whole night, that would be awesome.

Happy 8 months Alyzza, we love you a lot.

Tech specs for the photo: single, bare lp160 standing on the floor just out of frame top left. Wanted a sunbeam-from-window look.


8 months old


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