This will be a short post since it’s just a follow up on some of the things mentioned in Me myself and I. I spoke about being inspired by cinema and the photo shown here is the result of my latest attempt. The idea came from a scene in The Eagle (no need to watch it, wasn’t anything special) and I felt I had to have a go at recreating that light. So while my girls were catching up on some sleep, I set to work. I think it’s quite a nice effect and I imagine something like standing outside a window, face lit from the fire inside and the cool moonlight coming from the side and behind. I really like that rim light on the shoulder and hair, curtsy of an lp160 with ctb gel and gobo (high to the side and behind). The warm light comes from an lp160 with straw grid and yellow and ctb gel. I wanted the light more yellow than just cto would give me, hence the mixing of gels. I’ll definitely keep on eye out for more cool lighting to steal be inspired from in movies. That’s it for today, short and sweet.


Self portrait